Glass Repair

A & A Window Products has completed several glass repair jobs where we were tasked to rehabilitate, replace, and repair broken or worn-out products. Previous projects include work at the TD Garden, the Government Center Parking Garage, the Hynes Convention Center, 99 High Street, and the Avalon at Prudential.


TD Garden LabelA & A Window Products Inc. was selected by Shawmut Construction to rehabilitate existing exterior glazing systems. We assisted the designer with selecting a matching reflective glass as the original glazing data was not available. The scope of work included new gaskets, new sealants, replacement of broken glass, and at selected locations new zone dams and structural glazing joints. Hydraulic mast-climbing work platforms were used to accomodate the large crew of glaziers required to keep pace with the aggresive schedule. This multi-year project culminated with the replacement of the entrance doors for North Station.

GLASS CANOPY REPAIR – Government Center Parking Garage

Gov. Center LabelA & A Window Products, Inc. was selected to replace pieces of broken glass in a canopy awning at the Government Center Parking Garage. There were a number of logistical problems we had to overcome. Field measuring could only be done between 1 am and 5 am. Equipment had to be delivered off hours. Working hour restrictions left us only 4 hours per shift to move equipment into the bus lanes, remove existing glass and replace what was removed. The weight of the equipment had to be distributed by using 1” thick steel plates which had to be moved in and out of the space each shift. We completed all work on time and as expected with no disruption to bus operations.

Gov. Center Photo.png

GASKET REPLACEMENT – Hynes Convention Center

Hynes LabelA & A Window Products was awarded a contract at the Hynes Convention Center through a public bidding process. The old gaskets were letting water into the building. A & A removed existing gaskets and installed new Tremco gaskets with integral molded corners in approximately 570 units on the front facade of the Hynes. Due to restrictions, the majority of the repair work was done at night. A & A was responsible to maintain a safe environment that would allow visitors at the Convention Center to attend conferences unencumbered by the repair work. The work was completed on time and on budget and A & A left the building in the hands of the satisfied owner.

GLASS REPAIR – Northeastern University Marino Center

Northeastern Label.pngThis project consisted of repairing approximately 4,000 sqft of exterior glazed curtain wall that was leaking in numerous areas. To successfully perform the repairs, we removed and reinstalled all the pressure plates/covers, installed all new end dams, reapplied new sealants, and replaced all the pressure plate gaskets. The project also involved erecting pipe staging over the complete opening four stories high. A covering was used to protect the opening from weather and assure the safety of the students walking below. Special precautions were taken to prevent students from accessing the staging. A & A also repaired fire proofing and repainted the sunshades above the curtain wall opening.

CURTAIN WALL REPAIR – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT LabelA & A Window Products Inc. and Building Envelope Technologies worked together to diagnose the issues with 21,000 square feet of failing curtain wall. Our team put together a plan of action to procure materials and equipment and store them on site. Working closely with the building owner’s representative, Colliers International, we adjusted our schedule to accomodate New England’s changing weather conditions and to minimize disruption to the tenants. We replaced numerous components of the curtain wall that were either worn out or inadequately installed. Thanks to careful coordination by the project manager, the building remained occupied and operational while repairs were completed.

GLASS REPAIR – 33 Arch Street

33 Arch LabelAfflicted with sporadic glass failures, A & A Window Products, Inc. was hired to replace multiple insulated glass units in various locations at the 33 Arch St building. The 33-story building, located in downtown Boston, was built with an outside glazed curtain wall system requiring the work to be done from the exterior. The existing rig to access the building facade was inoperable which required A & A to supply swing staging to access the failed glass units. With multiple locations involved, careful coordination was required with the tenants that were affected. Existing failed units were removed and replaced to match the original specifications of the project for both detail and aesthetics.