Architectural Panels

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT – 770 Boylston Street
A & A Window Products Inc. expertly sized Fundermax panels in our fabrication facility and installed these sleek composite panels on the roof of this active front entryway. The gray Phenolic and Fundermax panels were installed using a concealed fastening approach for this sleek architectual look. 



770 Boylston Street


PROJECT SPOTLIGHT – Avalon At Prudential Center

Wall Panels TitleA & A Window Products, Inc. furnished high-quality interior architectural panels at the AVA, Boylston, and Gloucester Buildings. A complete wall system was installed to conceal the old concrete exterior walls and to provide a new, more modern architectural look. Our green fabrication facility skillfully fabricates and transports your panels to ensure they arrive on your site in flawless condition.

Architectural Wall Panels Picture